Disappearing Communities

7 04 2013

Travel Grrrls

Somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, some 15 hours into a 23 hour travel day, I sit in an airline seat with sore hips and a nThe_Island_President_(film)eed to reposition myself. Luckily, I am traveling next to the most wonderful, generous, inspiring travel companion one could ever hope for- my wife, Bethany. I lean my head against her shoulder, our self-inflated neck pillows creating a workable cushion for us, and we leaned our ears close together so that we could share a set of headphones and watch our fourth movie together. We pulled out the umbilical cord attached to the seat and our armrest gave birth to a remote. I pressed the buttons on the tiny remote until my thumb was bruised, and finally, the screen lit up with the opening scene of  “The Island President.”

I am no stranger to climate change. I was the precocious president of Earth…

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