Licking Up the Late Summer Sun

7 09 2013

It’s a week after Labor Day, and the temperatures are rising. It’s going to be in the 90s this week in Indianapolis, and you’d better believe that folks here are out and about this weekend, soaking up the last of the summer sun. sunbathers

As we experience this September heat wave, I cannot help but smile at how differently we embrace the heat here in the Midwest.

Summer is a precious commodity here. It’s something that I, personally, clutch close to my chest to get me through those frigid days in February. it fades, like an ephemeral dream, almost disappearing, until the cycle brings it once again closer, and my ground thaws once more.

This time of year, I, and others whom I witness, are well aware that these days are numbered. we pack our days with outdoor activities, knowing that the fall chill will soon be here.

Picnic-DressYoung folk try to see how many more miles they can get on their flip-flops, while I air up the tires on my bike each week and hit the pavement. We bask in the glorious sunshine, and search for excuses to have a picnic in the grass. College kids lay out in swim trunks, although the beaches all closed two weeks ago. What I wouldn’t give for one more plunge into a lake!

Yet, this year, I see it a little differently. I think about our son back in Thailand. I see him dodging in and out of shadows, avoiding the relentless sun, fearful of it licking his skin and developing deeper pigment. Most people wait until the sun has set to go out to shop, which explains the prevalence of the Night Markets throughout southeast Asia. In his little town, people cover themselves with long sleeves and pants, while we bare as much skin as possible before our season is really over.night-market

Does this knowledge change what I shall do this weekend? Probably not. But it’s still fun to contrast our cultures, and know that one woman’s trash is another one’s treasure.



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