Carpet Tile at su Casa?

21 12 2015

Check out our video clip below!

The renovation is getting closer and closer to completion!! It’s very exciting when we start getting to the paint and finishes. One thing we are excited about now is completing the bedroom.

Typically, it’s nice to have a warmer, softer flooring in the bedroom, not only for keeping your toes warm over those cold winter months, but also for some acoustical privacy, because softer fabrics absorb more sound than hard surfaces that reflect sound waves.

Instead of a traditional broadloom carpet, which requires professional installation to get is stretched into place, we are using carpet tiles. You may not be familiar with carpet tiles, but they’ve been used for eons in commercial buildings, like offices. Why is the residential market so slow to catch on to the wonders of carpet tile? I have no clue. But, I’m going to share with you the secret awesomeness of this wonderful product!



2 responses

4 01 2016
Christine Moellering

Oh oh I am excited to see this because I am working on redoing my basement which is a HOT MESS. I don’t think I want to pay someone to put in a new floor so I thought about these carpet tiles. I don’t even care if they are done really well because it’s a work/play space. I will come back later when I get it cleaned up and really look at what you are doing here…Thanks!


4 01 2016

Lol.. sounds like a perfect fit, Christine! Because these are commercial grade, they are also way more durable for a play area, and will last you years to come. They can take a strong arm to cut through the rubber backing, so invest in a proper carpet knife. And you can buy carpet tape to stick them down, just a few tabs per square will do. I usually put the tape across a joint to help them stick together, and to the subfloor. Enjoy!


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