Ditching Cement Board

21 12 2015

Check out our video clip below!

If you’ve installed tile in the past, you’ve likely used the traditional method of cutting 1/2″ thick slabs of mesh-embedded cement board, which is heavy, dusty, and difficult to handle. It requires either power tools to cut, or an entire bucket of razor blades. Then you have to drill holes through your backer (and the separate waterproof membrane you installed below it).

After many, many tiling projects, we have finally decided to try out the newer flexible tile backer products. It’s supposed to install much faster, and we needed to make up some time on our project schedule, so we wrenched open our wallets and decided to give it a whirl.

We quickly learn how easy it is to use and install. With no screw holes, greater cushion, and more flexibility to adapt to the unpredictability of old houses, I’m very pleased with the initial results. We will see over time how the cushioned support works to prevent tile cracking in the future. At this point, I don’t think we will be going back to cement board unless we really need that added 1/2″ of floor height, or miss the smell of cement dust in the morning!



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