Look out, world, here come the SCHWEGERS!!!

This blog was created to share the joy, the ponderings, the hi jinx, and the happiness of one madly in love couple- us! – Kelly Weger & Bethany Schultz. Combined, we are the invincible & ridiculous Schwegers (a fake last name we made up as a joke… but then it stuck), and we have a great time no matter what the world throws at us, or where!

When Two Souls Reunite: Since our worlds collided in December 2009, nothing has been even close to the same. When I met Bethany, it felt like I was reuniting with a childhood best friend. Everything felt so familiar, so comfortably perfect, but I needed her to fill me in on what I had missed in her life! Every day I wake up, and I so grateful that we finally met. She’s my travel buddy, my lake swimming buddy, my cooking buddy, my renovation buddy, and all I want in this world is to find a way to spend every single day together, working side by side! We’ve still been through some pretty terrible things together- my coming out, a divorce, a foreclosure, a bankruptcy, unemployment, but we came out the other side stronger than would seem possible, and rebounded with a new home (with a major renovation in 90 days), a new life, and an endless supply of amazing experiences!

What we do: On any given day, you will find us diving into a unique renovation project, focusing on sustainability and slowing gentrification, or traveling the world to seek out amazing experiences and find new perspective and appreciation for just how lucky we are in our daily lives.

Culture & Travel: Our curious hobby of collecting air miles and other rewards has finally elevated us to a level where we can often travel for free, and we’ve been traveling more than ever in the past couple of years! It affords us more time to observe the subtle differences within our own American culture. We  love meeting local people,experiencing culture, and I love learning languages. We also enjoy learning about new places, even if we can’t go there ourselves. We are also official Superhosts, starting on AirBnB back in early 2011. Hosting other travelers is one way for us to satisfy our travel bugs, and we host many foreigners who hail from the part of the world where we we have never been, and now we have friends we can visit on almost every continent.

This blog was originally meant to capture the rich cultural exchanges that we have had with visitors from foreign countries, and when we are the foreigners ourselves. It’s too easy to get mired in the daily troubles of our ordinary lives. I find that keeping a global perspective adds a layer to our daily lives that makes each day more meaningful, and memorable. I believe in living each day as it if could be my last, and making memories to last a lifetime. It’s the little things that matter most, and it’s the little moments that I hope to share with you.

Sustainability: I’m lucky to have been able to speak at a couple of international sustainability conferences in Croatia and Brazil (so far).  I started out as an Architect, focusing on material aspects of sustainability. I’ve come to realize that my passion for sustainability and culture are inextricably intertwined, and one cannot separate the two. If you love people, you should choose to live your life sustainably. And if you don’t understand other cultures, you are likely to not understand why sustainability is so important. Our decisions affect families around the globe. So… do something different. Be better.

~Namaste~ and safe travels!



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