June on a Trampoline

3 06 2018

Dappled June days

Sprinkle across my page,

As would-be trees blow past,

Dancing with thin leaves and debris.

Lazing at the intersection of two fronts,

I enjoy the warmth of the sun

With the cool of the breeze,

A pleasure that brings me to supine.

I could lay here for hours

Watching shadows dance with anonymity.

A cabaret of nature at her finest,

Sultry, twisted, and alluring.

The “swish-swish” of the leaves blowing above

While I lay suspended in mid-air.

My every movement echoes on fabric

Like waves across a taut lake.

I float as if one of those seed pods,

Breeze encircling my golden body,

Feeling rife with potentials of spring,

And truly part of the season.





“Summer Days”

1 03 2018

i’m dreamin of those summer days,

dissolved in peace under your gaze,

dipping toes in unknown lakes,

sunshine melting fresh cupcakes.

rollin down those country roads,

with chirps of marshland loving toads,

windows down and playlist beating

past rural farms and white lambs bleating.

hours filled with sleepy smiles;

we won’t be home for miles and miles,

but the warmth of your gentle hand

reminds me of the lakeshore sand.


in those dark and dreary days

when winter grips me with its haze,

i still feel your grip against my glove,

and it’s always summer with your love.




“Master of Your Universe”

14 02 2018

Your energy shines bright,

lighting the path to your future

and illuminating those around you

so they can find their own way too.

Your wisdom is ancient,

like the light waves that traveled

from an unfamiliar reality

in a corner of the galaxy.

Your future is certain,

barreling into the unknown

with unstoppable force

that I gladly cling to.


April 2014

two blackholes

“The Blossom and the Bee” Poem

11 02 2018

bloom-1850224_960_720A morning blossom lies before me,
eyes closed to the light.
Her skin as soft as petals,
still tangled from the night.
Lashes brushed like feathers,
twitch like stamen in a breeze,
but when those blue eyes open
my heart is set at ease.
The morning light floods in;
the sky is in her eyes.
Her sleepy smile opens,
soft lips emitting sighs.
In a sea of gorgeous flora
her colors stand alone,
shimmering in brilliance,
the most amazing shade and tone.
Like a fuzzy bee, I bumble,
drawn to her helplessly.
Only once I’ve landed
do I finally fly free.




“Hidden Words”

9 02 2018

i hold my thoughts tightly.
poems on paper close to my chest.
soft confessions of fervent emotions,
reflecting the joys i find in you.

i protect these words as i do my own heart,
shielding them from cold winter winds,
sheltering them in spring rains,
waiting for the right time.

your kindness permeates my layers
and you see these hidden poems.
you bring the light to them
however deeply they reside.

in a still, sunny moment
i open them up to the light.
the dampness disappears,
leaving gentle waves of wrinkles.

as i loosen my timorous grip.
these words can finally breathe.
they flutter in the once cold breeze,
eager to take flight.

i smile as they drift away
dissolving into the horizon
safer than they ever were
hidden in my heart.



hidden poem

“Harmonic Resonance”

8 02 2018

White_dwarfs_circling_each_other_and_then_collidingmy bountiful heart beats.
rings of oscillations
drift outward softly
as in a still lake
broken by a pebble’s weight.

lost in the middle,
they converge with another’s.
the two waves unite
in harmonic resonance,
growing stronger,
merging into one.

the rogue wave of our hearts,
the amplified rhythm
of our individual beats,
the coalescing surge of energy
could raise the titanic.




“Spanish Drinking Chocolate”

7 02 2018

In a teeny, tiny cup
Rich swirls of drinking chocolate
Move like velvet,
Licking the walls of the ceramic mug,
Slowly dripping back down
Into a pool of heavenly warmth.

Steam rises in delicate tendrils
Carrying an aroma so rich & sweet
My eyes close themselves
So I can concentrate on the smell alone.
I fill my lungs, my chest expanded
Then, when I can wait no longer,
I lower my lips and take a sip.




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